Edgar M. Land

MW Grand Master of

Free & Accepted Masons of

The State of Georgia

Association of Blue Lodge Ambassadors

Mission Statement

Association of Blue Lodge Ambassadors
(To the Masonic Home of Georgia)


It is the principal mission of the Association of Blue Lodge Ambassadors
to champion the cause and needs of the Home.

In this cause, it is our mission to:

1. Disseminate timely, accurate and comprehensive information from the Grand Lodge and the Masonic Home to the 428 subordinate Blue Lodges of  Georgia
2. Develop informational strategies that will present the Home and its children to the public.
4. Promote the vision of the Grand Master of Georgia and the Masonic Home of Georgia.
And, finally, it is our mission to do everything we can to help the children find LOVE, HOPE, PEACE, and JOY.  In so doing, we help them thrive; and to build, strengthen and sustain individual worth.